I got several emails from people asking me about details on Muonionalusta meteorite hunting. As I don´t have time to answer each mail individually I will tell you right here what is my opinion on meteorite hunting in the Muonionalusta area.
Theoretically you can get all permits necessary to hunt there without problems - hire me as a consultant for more details on this, equipment etc. as this depends on the area you choose.
However, the more important question is: is is still worth going there, can you find meteorites there? There are definitely some meteorites still waiting to be discovered, but...there have been so many expeditions covering a large area of the huge strewnfield that the chance of finding a Muonionalusta meteorite is now quite minuscule. To speak for myself, my team and I have hunted there almost every day for 6 months, methodically covering a large area of the known strewnfield and cleaning up what others couldn´t find. We are professional prospectors not only for meteorites, but also for rare minerals, gold, militaria, fossils, treasures in general, I myself spend more than half of the year with a detector in my hands...believe me, I know what I´m talking about when I say that most of the area is empty. We use custom made equipment which exceeds by far the capabilities of ordinary detectors, e.g. Lorenz Deepmax, they just don´t go deep enough.
Also Thomas Österberg from Muonionalustameteorites.com agrees with me that there is hardly anything left. So my recommendation to anyone interested in going there is: it´s not worth it anymore. At least if you want to find Muonionalusta meteorites. But if you want to experience the vicious Scandinavian mosquitos and cold, rainy weather for weeks - definitely head north.